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There are thousands upon thousands of twitter posts every day… How is one to know just what is what? Well you can’t just sit around all day looking at twitter, can you? OK, maybe some of us can and what we find, we like to share with the world. This site is all about just that… We want to share our favorites with you.

Now, there can be many reasons that a site is considered for the list. We have many people bringing stuff to our attention all of the time. Does that mean we will just throw any old thing up on our site? No, it does not mean that at all. We like to ensure that it is very interesting to more than one of our minds in the collective. Just because someone has fallen off their rocker does not mean that we should all follow them down their path of self indulgence… No, we better spend our time helping that person to see the light or at least explaining that they are lost and need to be found. (So to speak)

But there are many different tastes and opinions, each of which may find something compelling or boring. For example a tweet about a celebrity may be interesting to more people than an unknown person. Yet if that celebrity is a collector of movie posters, the doors open wider for another group who relate to that interest. And if that collector is advised by an expert appraiser of movie memorabilia, another door opens where the interest expands into understanding the monetary value of stuff like antique movie posters. And each of these examples requires a different “expert” to understand the popularity of the topic at hand.

Once we have several members of our team verify that something warrants making into play on our site we will simply take a vote. Note: there always must be a nomination and a second. Once that is accomplished the vote is fair game. We do not take the vote immediately of course. We all need time to review to subtlety of what we are to judge. This can not be done on the spot. You must review and analyze many things to see the overall quality of every aspect of the subject matter in order to come to a knowledgeable conclusion. This must not be under taken lightly as we have found in the past when we tried to rush the vote. No all good things come to those who wait. So, we wait.

Once the vote is scheduled and called, we simply tally up the silent vote count. That brings us to an even more important factor. The silent vote. We found that peer pressure can and usually does influence votes that are not silent so we do not ask our members to vote publicly. In many instances this practice helps us to get a pure vote without the influence of partisanship. The victor is the one with the most member votes. After this is finished we immediately move on whatever the outcome of the vote of regardless of future reconsiderations… We may take it off later if you present a valid argument but until then we include it with our other information…

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