At Twitter Lights, we shine a light on the most popular twitter feeds out there.

Wanna know which celebrity tweets are talked about or seen the most (you won’t believe which twit is taking up spot #2)? Or which Estetica wigs stores are hot this spring? Certain celebs are really into this brand of wigs & hairpieces and constantly tweet about their new discoveries in the wig world. One of Jennifer Aniston’s tweets mentions wigs 27 times!

At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Lady Gaga showed multiple wigs and costume changes as she preformed her new single “Applause.” According to a twit from a member of the audience Lady Gaga started with her face filling the entirety of a video screen wearing a white colored blockhead and a outfit reminiscent of a nun’s all white habit. What followed was a number of costume and wig changes. “Assistant” dancers removed her initial white habit and wig and then proceeded to help her change into a blue outfit with a wig that featured a white bob with straight cut bangs, that then was removed for a garish bright blond curled chin length cut wig. She disappeared behind her dancers only to reappear a bikini sporting a long “Lady Godiva” type wig. Lady Gaga song was referred to in a number of twits as “the performance of the many wigs,” which indeed it was.

How about music tweets (hint: the somewhat controversial-as-of-late John Mayer’s is on the list, but his positioning is the most intriguing aspect)? Aside from the finer arts, we’ll also take a look at the most popular social media, entrepreneur and news twitter feeds as well. You’d be particularly surprised to see who’s hunting for the best auto loan refinance terms, or the progress of soybean futures on the common market. Or maybe you wouldn’t…

Think only celebrities tweet? How wrong you are. There’s a hugely popular thread dedicated to New Orleans maritime lawyers, as a result of the legal team behind which became especially significant from a traffic viewpoint following the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Legal experts want to show off their expertise and lure potential clients by tweeting their services and competitive advantages to the world. And world events trigger tweets more than anything else.

For now, on this page, we thought we’d explain some of the fundamentals of Twitter, just in case you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past few years. Now that you’ve finished hibernating, I’d like to introduce you to a world of wonder filled with such innovation as talking pictures, the telephone, and the man of the hour, Twitter.

Kill the lights…


Created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter is a hugely popular social / information networking and microblogging service that allows users to send and read short messages of up to 140 characters, hence its microblogging appellation. Twitter is basically the SMS of the internet, so it’s not surprising to know that the short messages posted, known as “tweets”, can be sent and received via the Twitter website, external applications and SMS. Twitters feeds can be followed by fans and supporters.


To make it compatible with SMS services, silly. One of the main selling (actually, it’s a free service) points for Twitter is that it lends itself to quick flashes of information and blurbs, giving readers a snapshot of what’s going on in people’s lives and events that they care about. One upside for the character limit is that it forces posters to get creative with their tweets – you’re likely to find the same kind of shorthand notation on Twitter as you would find in SMS messages.

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